Mixsim2: Shaft tip not meshed properly, or meshing of impeller compartment fails completely

The shaft tip is relatively neat an impeller.
When meshing the configuration, the shaft tip is not meshed properly (as can be seen in the Grid Display), or meshing the impeller compartment fails completely.
If the shaft tip is situated inside the impeller compartment, the shaft surface curvature is not considered for attaching an appropriate curvature size function to the curved shaft surface face that is adjacent to the (circular) shaft tip face.
If both...
- the shortest edge in the impeller surface, multiplied by the "short edge factor", is relatively long compared to the shaft diameter (larger than the shaft radius),
- AND the shaft tip is inside the impeller compartment,
...surface meshing of the shaft tip may fail, and either produce a corrupt volume mesh or break the volume meshing completely.

To avoid this, choose from the following options:
- Use a thicker shaft.
- Shorten the shaft so that its tip is hidden inside the tip-nearest impeller.
- Elongate the shaft so that its tip is situated outside the impeller compartment
- Fix the MRF zone (impeller compartment) height, and adjust it so that the shaft tip is situated outside.
- Invoke finer meshing of the impeller surface by...
+ changing its geometry so that its shortest edge becomes shorter, or
+ reducing the "short edge factor" parameter

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