Field View Export for Relative velocity vectors:

How to view vectors of relative velocity inside the Field view, using the data exported from FLUENT ? FLUENT does not export relative velocity as a vector form for field view export. Following is the procedure I can across, which would guide the user in viewing the relative velocity vectors in field view. This can be applied to any other vectors quantity, which is not exported in a vector form by FLUENT.

a) Export field view data for Relative velocity magnitude, X-relative velocity, Y-relative velocity and Z-relative velocity.
b) Import the data in field view and do following inside the field view.
c) In the Functions Panel activate the Create Menu.
d) Type the following:

UnitX*1:"relative-x-velocity" +UnitY*1:"relative-y-velocity"+UnitZ*1:"relative-z-velocity"

e) Press Enter: Give the name of the resulting vector as relative-velocity.

After this, one can post process the resulting vector. In short, we are using the Relative X, Y, and Z velocity data to create the vector plots inside the field view.

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