adaption of grid in cases having periodic boundaries

Grid adaption in cases having periodic boundaries gives segmentation violation
The grid adaption can not be done directly whenever there is a periodic boundary.
(except the case in which whole domain is to be adapted). The following procedure can
be used for such cases:

1. Slit all the periodic boundaries from tui "grid/modify-zones/slit-periodic". It will
convert all periodic boundaries into a pair of symmetry zones.

2. Adapt the grid.

3. Make all the periodic boundaries again from tui "grid/modify-zones/make-periodic".

4. Due to adaption, the number of elements on some of periodic boundaries and their shadows
might have changed and therefore these types of boundaries can not be made periodic by
step 3 mentioned above.

5. The boundaries which can not be made periodic by step 3, The non-conformal periodic
boundaries option (though tui "define/grid-interfaces/make-periodic and also corresponding
gui panel) is to be used.

6. To make the non-conformal periodics, first convert the boundaries to type "interfaces" which
are to be used for making the periodic and then use the following rpsetvar before executing step5.

(rpsetvar 'nonconformal/allow-interface-at-periodic-boundary 0)

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