How to kill a hung fluent job and make it write out case/data files?

A running fluent job can be killed by using check-pointing as described in sections 2.6 and 30.7.2
of the Fluent6.1 manual.

However this will not work if the job hung (i.e. is not iterating) because checkpointing is
performed once per iteration.
Such a suspended job can be made to spit out case and
data files by doing the following:

Kill the fluent process by the following command (typed at the unix prompt)

kill -HUP fluent-pid

where fluent-pid is the process id for the fluent process.
Then kill the corresponding cortex process similarly by typing at the unix prompt:

kill -HUP cortex-pid

As soon as this command is issued, fluent will start writing
the case file in the working directory under the filename:
#fluent# and subsequently will write the data to the
filename: #fluent#.dat

For the windows operating system see Solution 753

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