Mixture multiphase model: resolving convergence

Two-phase flow through a curved channel was modeled using multiphase mixture model. Tet/hybrid cells were used with relatively low skewness. However, this model could not be converged. Especially, if the model is initialized with a volume fraction of secondary phase with a value other than 0 (zero), the calculation would not even start. With an initial zero volume fraction, the calculation diverged after approximately 50 to 100 iterations. Nothing was working to get this problem converged.
1) Initialized the domain with the desired volume fraction for the secondary phase and other properties
2) Deselect the slip velocity (Define à Model à Multiphase à Mixture) and run the case
3) After several hundred iterations or when solution approached steady state, stop the simulation and activated the slip velocity
4) Continue your iterations and you are not expected to see any further convergence trouble and results should look reasonable

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