Killing A Fluent Session - WINDOWS

Killing a Fluent session when Fluent stops responding

1. Go to the Task Manager, CTRL-ALT-DEL
2. In the Applications window highlight the Fluent Task
3. Click "End Task" (It usually takes a few seconds for a non-responding task to end)
4. Another window will open up confirming that the Program is not Responding.

Even though the application is now ended many times there are still running Fluent processes, especially in the case when trying to start up a Fluent job in network parallel and it cannot find a node.

5. In Task Manager choose the Processes Tab
6. Click on the "Image Name" heading. This allows you to sort A-Z, or Z-A.
7. Locate and highlight the Fluent processes and choose End Process

This resolution applies to any version of Fluent

For the Unix/Linux Operating System please see Solution 749

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