After installation of MixSim 2.0, GAMBIT (or FLUENT) cannot be started any more

MixSim 2.0 was installed in the same Fluent.Inc area which already contained GAMBIT 2.x (or FLUENT 6.x). GAMBIT (or FLUENT) cannot be started any more, or shows unexpected behaviour.

(This solution copies [and is associated with] CR 22747, in order to spread the information as widely as possible.)
Reason: The installation of MixSim 2.0 overwrites .../Fluent.Inc/bin/fluent and .../Fluent.Inc/bin/gambit (on Linux) or D:Fluent.Incntbinntx86fluent.exe (on Windows -- Gambit NOT affected).
The files are not compatible with new versions of FLUENT (release 6.1 or later) and GAMBIT (release 2.1 or later; only relevant on Linux; if Gambit 2.0.0 was ever installed, even Gambit 2.0.4 is affected!).


- If you are already suffering from the problems:
Please re-install your latest FLUENT or GAMBIT version.
NOTE: If you had modified the FLUENT or GAMBIT installation (e.g. by changing or adding files manually, or by installing a particular "patch" into it), these modification will probably need to be reproduced after re-installing the product! Please consider keeping a back-up copy of your complete "Fluent.Inc" area, or at least of the product-specifc subdirectory.

- If you have not yet installed MixSim 2.0 in the Fluent.Inc area that contains any FLUENT 6.x or GAMBIT 2.x installation, please proceed as follows:
Before you install MixSim 2.0, please find the following files:
On Linux(UNIX):
.../Fluent.Inc/bin/fluent (if FLUENT 6.x is already installed)
.../Fluent.Inc/bin/gambit (if GAMBIT 2.x is already installed)
On Windows (2000 / XP)
D:Fluent.Incntbinntx86fluent.exe (Gambit NOT affected on Windows!)
(Please replace "D:" by the letter of the hard drive on which your Fluent Inc. software has been installed.)
Move the file(s) to a safe location, where they cannot be overwritten by the MixSim 2.0 installation procedure.
Now install MixSim 2.0 as described in the Installation Instruction.
Finally, move the file(s) back into their original location, thereby overwriting the files with similar names (in the same location) that have been put there by the MixSim 2.0 installation procedure.

- If you plan to install GAMBIT 2.x and/or FLUENT 6.x together with Mixsim 2.0 in the same, yet still empty (or non-existing) Fluent.Inc area:
Please *begin* by installing MixSim 2.0, and install GAMBIT and/or FLUENT *afterwards*.

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