Multiple monitors in same window

Presently, it is not possible to display multiple surface monitors in the same graphical window as seen in residual plotting.
Following is the workaround for accomplishing above task:

1)Write the surface monitors into a file through Solve--->Monitors--->Surface-->Switch on Write.
Let us say two surface monitors have been defined and output files are "mon1.out" and "mon2.out".

2)Include following command in the execute command panel through Solve---Execute Commands.

/plot/fl/ mon1.out mon2.out , "CONVERGENCE HISTORY OF TEMP" "SURFACE MONITOR"

Execute the command for every timestep.

3)Iterate the case for 1 timestep.

4)Change the second line in monitor files to individual surface names. For example:

for mon1.out: "Time Step" "mon1"

mon2.out: "Time Step" "mon2"

A sample output file(sample.out) after the above step is pasted below.

5)Go to Solve--->Monitors--->Surface--->Press OK

6)Iterate the solution. Acknowledge the warning message to overwrite already existing files by clicking "yes".

Monitor file before correction:

"Convergence history of Static Temperature on top (in SI units)"
"Time Step" "Area-Weighted Average Static Temperature"
0 0 0 0
1 302.5694

Monitor file after correction:

"Convergence history of Static Temperature on surf1 (in SI units)"
"Time Step" "surf1"

0 0 0 0
1 302.5694

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