MixSim, Windows: "Add Object:" button list is empty -- cannot add any object to Tank

A new Mixsim installation. Run the first session. Create a new model. Go to the "Cylindrical Tank" model: The "ADD Object:" button list in the right column of the "Model Management" panel doesn't appear, i.e. is empty.

Reason: When Mixsim is launched, the operating system (any MS Windows) gets the executable file (...Fluent.Incntbinntx86mixsim.exe) from a network shared area (like in serverFluent.Inc...) rather than from a (local or network mounted) logical drive (like in F:Fluent.Inc...). This happens if...
- The user types the complete path (like serverFluent.Incntbinntx86mixsim)
- The shortcut icon has been defined using a path like "serverFluent.Inc..."
- The PATH environment variable contains something like "serverFluent.Inc..."(!!)
- Install MixSim locally, or mount the installation area as a logical (network) drive, so that it can be accessed through a drive letter.
- If necessary, type the complete path for launching mixsim, as in "F:Fluent.Incntbinntx86mixsim"
- Modify the definition of your shortcut icons (on the desktop and/or in the Start menu) accordingly
- Modify your PATH environment variable.

If you need further help with these suggested procedures, please contact your local technical support service.

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