particle tracks discrepancy in FLUENT 6.1.18 parallel distributed memory

User wrote:
I have three different FLUENT furnace simulations which have been run on v6.0.20 succesfully on serial solver. When I load any of these in v6.1.18 (serial or parll), the number of DPM tracks reported are less than those reported from the older version, e.g. 59,080 tracks in v6.0.2 vs 53,200 in v6.1.18. The latter number does not add up the corresponding #faces x #stochastic tracks x # diameters x # injections.

This is a known bug that has been fixed in the development version.
Here is a work-around:
1. read case/data files
2. set dpm parallel mode to message-passing
3. (rpsetvar 'dpm/nd-point-search? #f)
4. then iterate.

I confirmed that this fixes the case.

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