Scaling operation may fail for imported geometry in Designmodeller

Scaling operation on imported geometry may fail in DM when it contains more than one body.
The Design Modeler application is not an assembly modeler; rather it is an extended part modeler that can deal with multiple bodies.
With the Freeze and Unfreeze tools, certain modeling capabilities for (imported) assemblies do exist.
On the one hand, this may seem a limitation, but on the other hand, this is a different approach to assembly modeling and allows actually more (or other) functionality (e.g slicing)
By default (unfrozen condition), if you import an assembly form CAD package, the modeling capabilities of the DM application are limited, because applying any form of 3D modeling operation would simply merge any touching bodies into one. In order to keep assembly part alive and not to merge into single body, DM doesn't allow to scale these bodies (In the case that you had sent).If you immediately Freeze the model after importing an assembly or import an assembly using `Add Frozen┬┐ operation, your bodies will be shielded from the merge and you can do a scaling operation on bodies. That is the reason again unfreezing the all bodies generates an error on scaling operation.

Solution :

While scaling the imported-geometry in DM and if it fails make sure that body is in frozen state. Please follow the following steps:

1. Import the parasolid file in DM as Frozen body. Select 'Add Frozen' in 'Operation' in detail view for import operation.
2. Go to 'Create'-> Body Operation and Scale, select the body(ies), give the scaling factor and click on generate button.

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