Node values not calculated properly for UDM's in a parallel solver

When UDM's are used to store certain values, the values are stored for cells. For a parallel version of Fluent, if node
values are displayed for the UDM's there is discrepency at the partition of the grid. The cell values are displayed correctly.

The work around to this problem is to use a macro which will exchange the values of the UDM, which is done for the
variables that are solved by the solver.
Following define on demand can be used in the .c file

int n-udm=2; /*Total number of UDM's used */

Domain *domain = Get_Domain(1);
Message("nThe UDM values are exchanged");

The define on demand should be executed before doing any post processing for the UDM values. After executing this UDF, the
node values calculation will be correct.

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