Mixsim2: Windows: cannot use CAD file that is located in the Mixsim-Object-Library directory

When a new impeller is implemented as a new object class (by putting a new .mxo MixSim object file in e.g. the ...Fluent.Incmixsim2.0Mixsim-Object-Library directory), a ACIS (.sat) CAD file can be used to define the geometry. The object file will then, in the "Grid Command List", contain some Gambit command to import the ACIS file, and the ACIS file is put in the previously mentioned Mixsim-Object-Library directory.
But, under certain circumstances, MixSim is not able to find the file anyway!
MixSim will (usually) pass the complete path to the ACIS (.sat) CAD file to Gambit automatically.

BUT: This complete path may NOT contain any part (directory name) that *begins* with the letter "n" (the letter "t" is probably equally nocuous, as well as others that form special character replacements in C's "printf" format string when preceded by a backslash -- these are: "0", "a", "b", "f", "n", "r", "t", "v").

Also, when the ACIS (.sat) file is available in MixSim's current working directory, MixSim will not pass the absolute path to the file to Gambit, and Gambit will fail to find the file.

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