Implementing a (parametrized) Gambit journal for a user-defined impeller geometry

There some important things to be considered when you plan to implement a user-defined impeller in MixSim (as a ".mxo" MixSim object file) using a Gambit journal file (section) that generates the geometry of the impeller (blade):
A new template has been created, which makes this easier for new users.
The template file is "Impeller-Geom-GnrcTmplt.mxo". It is NOT in the released 2.0 version.

When you use Gambit to build your geometry and plan to use the journal file in MixSim later on, please...
NOTE: You must set the Gambit default variable GUI.GENERAL.JOURNAL_ENTITY to "1"!
Otherwise, the journal will most probably fail, because it contains hard coded names of automatically labelled entities (like "vertex.77"); the numbers in these automatically generated labels are very likely to conflict with MixSim's operation.

More notes and recommendations may be added here in the future..

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