How to plot customized vectors in solid

Client wanted to plot temperature gradient vectors in the solid. He wants to get the values of
dT/dx, dT/dy and dT/dx and customized the vectors based on these gradients.

How to get the values of dT/dx ... which is not available, by default.
Also as vector plot is not allowed in solid how to handle this?
By activating the following text command, we can add the access to the Temperature derivatives.

=>solve/set/expert >>
Keep temporary solver memory from being freed? [no] yes

Once this option is set solver will keep the values of dT/dx ... in the data file.
After using the above command we need to run for couple of iterations in order to get the values of dT/dx ..

Then user can customized the vectors with dT/dx ... and TEMPORARILY
SWITCH THE SOLID to FLUID in order to plot the custom vectors in solid.

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