Cannot launch GT-Power during Fluent-GT coupling

Error appears when coupling Fluent with GT-Power. The error message can be like this:

Unable to get IOR from server /appl/fluent6.1.18/Fluent.Inc/coupling/bin/gtpower.
When Fluent is trying to couple with GT-Power, the location of the GT-Power license must be sepcified. The following environment setups may help:

GTISOFT_LICENSE_FILE - path to the GT license

GTIHOME - the top level GTI installation directory where GT-Power is

FLUENT_GTIVERSION - the current version of the GTI installation (i.e.,
version 5.1.0 or version 5.2.0)

For example:

setenv GTISOFT_LICENSE_FILE (the GT license server)
setenv GTIHOME /nfs/autolnx1/home/yy/GTI
setenv GTI_VERS 5.2.0

Please pay special attention for the following licensing servers:

1. In v5.2 there is a problem with the FlexLm licensing type, so we can
only couple with a node-lock license on the HP. So only the LCTYPE
should be set. In v6.0 this problem has been resolved so that FlexLm is available. So if you have HP server, you may not be able to run Fluent-GT coupling for GT-Powerv5.2

2. If you have Sun server for Flexlm license, you may need to download a patch from Fluent Users Service Center. It is a patch you can download from the GT-Coupling module area.

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