Vendor Daemon Too Old

This error message indicates that the license server has not been upgraded with the FLEXlm version that is required to run the latest versions of FLUENT software.

With the newer releases of the software you will need to upgrade your license manager software on the LICENSE SERVER ONLY. The license manager software is available for download at the Fluent Users Service Center, <a target=_blank href=""></a> (or on the Licensing CD if one was provided for you). A "client" machine is any computer on the network that has not been designated as the "License Server". A client machine does not and should not have FLEXlm installed.

Please refer to the Installation Guide for instructions on how to setup the license manager software. The installation Guide can be downloaded at this location:

<a target=_blank href=""></a>

Some information about the new license manager software:

1) Existing license keys will continue to work with the new license manager. You DO NOT need a new license file.
2) Older versions of the Fluent products will work with the new license manager.

The Installation FAQ's are also very helpful in resolving licensing issues.

<a target=_blank href=""></a>

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