Checking License Usage Status

License status has been suppressed with the release of Fluent 6.1.22 and Gambit 2.1.6. The previsous releases showed license checkout status when you started Fluent.

You can check the status of available features and license usage using LMTools

To Check License Status/Usage from the License Server

Click on the Start Menu
Fluent Inc Products
License Software
Select the "Server Status" tab
Choose "Perform Status Enquiry"

To Check License Usage from a Client Machine

A client machine can check out this license usage by copying LMTools.exe to the local client machine. (LMTools can be obtained by downloading the Windows license software from <a target=_blank href=""></a> , or obtaining a copy from the License Server).
Double-click on LMTools.exe
On the Server/License File tab select the "Configuration Using License File" button
Type the port number (7241)@Host_Name (Where Host_Name is the name of the license server)
Select the Server Status Tab and choose "Perform Status Enquiry"


Once FLUENT is open at the Command Line type the following command:

!lmstat -f fluent

Since FLUENT also checks out a fluentall feature use this command as well:

!lmstat -f fluentall

If you are running FLUENT in parallel you may also need to use this command:

!lmstat -f fluent-par

For a comprehensive guide on FLEXlm please visit Macrovision's web site at the link below:

<a target=_blank href=""></a>

Many More Installation FAQ's can be found here:

<a target=_blank href=""></a>

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