creating an annular region for patching

user wanted to patch temperature in an annular region but did not know how to create an annular region using Adapt-Region panel.
Bring up Region Adaption panel by clicking Adapt -> Region.

Under Shapes, select Cylinder. Keep the default Inside option.

Enter end points of the cylinder axis and a radius for the smaller cylinder. Alternatively, you can select these points using mouse probe button (usually the right mouse button). For mouse pick, display grid such that only ends of the cylindrical geometry are shown. This will make picking with the mouse a lot easier.

Click Mark. You can display the register by clicking Manage to see if you marked the right cells. Click Options and check the wire frame on. You may also check filled to see a solid representation.

Similarly, create another cylinder with same end points but with larger radius.

Click Manage to bring the Manage Adaption Registers panel up.

The two regions will show up under Registers list.

Select the first Register. Click "Change Type" to change its type from adapt to mask. Click Invert to make the marked cells inactive. The first register will now contain cells outside the original first register.

Select both Registers. Click Combine. This will create a new register that contains the annular register. Click Display to see it.

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