Slow when reading a case file in FLUENT parallel

Reading a case file using Fluent parallel is unusually slow.
Some questions to consider:
Is the computer that you are starting FLUENT Parallel on a network?
Does the computer have TCP/IP installed and configured?
The computer does not have to be on a network but it does require the installation and proper configuration of TCP/IP. Using the link below, install and configure TCP/IP.
<a target=_blank href=""></a>
Additionally, if you are using Windows 2000/XP and you are NOT on a network you will most likely have to disable Media Sense. Click on the link below for information about Media Sense and instructions on how to do disable it:
<a target=_blank href=""></a>
Make sure that you actually have a second processor and that the operating system is recognizing it?
Click on the Start Menu, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Information.
Under System Summary locate the Processor item. If you have a dual-processor machine and the operating system is recognizing it there will be two processors listed.
If you have a dual processor computer but only one is being recognized, contact your hardware vendor for assistance.
If none of the above resolve the issue try typing the following scheme command into the FLUENT window before you open your case/data file. This will control the size of the messages that are passed between the compute nodes. As with all scheme commands, they are entered at the prompt in the text interface of FLUENT and must include the parentheses.
(rpsetvar 'parallel/fast-io? #t)
Many More Installation FAQ's can be found here:

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