TUI reports mas-flow value and surface integrals only in SI units

In the current version of Fluent (Fluent 6.1.22) the values of Surface integrals and mass-flow rate are reported in SI units only for TUI
command while for GUI they are reported in the user specifed units.

The work around to this problem is to use a function which will convert the value from SI units to the user specified units for the desired variable. Let say mass-flow value is 1.2 Kg/sec but the user is interested in lbm/sec units for this following function can be used.
(to-user-units 1.2 'mass-flow)
It can be used in Fluent console panel.

In order to use this function for other variable then mass-flow should be replaced by the desired variable e.g.
temperature, velocity,length etc.

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