Mixsim writes files to a remote directory if the HOMEPATH and HOMEDRIVE variable are set to that remote directory

This whole Solution applies to MixSim 2.0.2 on WINDOWS ONLY..!!

On login the HOMEPATH and HOMEDRIVE variable are set to a network drive which is the users working directory. Even if the user manually set these environment variables to local drives the variables set at login take precedent. Even if the user was launching Mixsim locally and has a local working directory it still writes files to the remote drive. This was not acceptable to the user as they did not want these files written to that area. I could reproduce this problem.

Background information:
MixSim has been designed to always force its Gambit process to run in the HOME directory, because Gambit 2.0.4/.8 denies to run on remote directories other than the HOME directory. For users who don't have write access (with a sufficient amount of free disk space) to any local directory, this was the only way.
The workaround I found for them was to create a batch file that set these variables locally and also set the Fluent environment variables. See below:

@echo off
set LM_LICENSE_FILE=7241@dlcwin2000
set FLUENT_INC=c:fluent.inc
set PATH=c:fluent.incntbinntx86

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