MixSim2: Windows: Cannot use compiled UDF (user defined function)

When I try to load a compiled user defined function (UDF) into the FLUENT process inside MixSim on Windows, I get an error message telling me something about "fl6020s.exe" that cannot be found. I also get the message "The MixSim process could not be started."
The compiled UDF assumes erroneously that the FLUENT executable file has the name "fl6020s.exe". (This is the correct default for stand-alone single-process FLUENT session on Windows, but not for the FLUENT component process inside MixSim.)
To remediate this problem, please copy the file "...Fluent.Incmixsim2.0fluentntx863dfl6020.exe" to "...Fluent.Incmixsim2.0fluentntx863dfl6020s.exe" before you load the compiled UDF.

Note: The message "The Mixsim process could not be started" is actually not quite right -- it is the FLUENT process that dies, so that you can still save the MixSim model when you run into this issue.

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