problem with Fluent graphics window when running MS NetMeeting

When showing FLUENT during a web conference using MS NetMeeting, some problematic behaviors have been reported, such as:

When displaying a graphics, cortex reports various error messages from graphics function Update_Display_Timed, followed by segmentation violation, or that any FLUENT windows shown in the NetMeeting session will not refresh after the initial opening.
This problem can be solved by running FLUENT using the msw graphics driver.

There are two ways to do this on a PC
1. Start FLUENTfrom a command prompt window with the -driver msw flag, for instance

d:usersfluentuser> fluent 2d -driver msw

2d can be replaced in the above command by 2ddp, 3d or 3ddp depending on what is appropriate for the case being opened

2. Start fluent however you are accustomed to starting it. In the TUI, type the command

display/set/rendering-options/driver msw

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