POLYFLOW : forces on slices does not always work.

When asking for the forces on slice, the information displayed in the listing file may differ from the expected results.
Currently, the situation is not too clear. In the mean time, The following solution is suggested for this. First of all, in POLYDATA, ask the post-processor for the extra-stress tensor. Next to this, for a fibre spinning case, in the graphical interface:
- accept the default options (do not specify the case as axisymmetric)
- define the required "polyline"
- define a custom field function as 2.pi.x.(-p+T22)
- ask the integral of the above quantity on the previously defined "polyline"
In other graphic post-processors, the procedure should be similar; however, keep in mind that an additional factor 10^5 may be requried for 2D cases.

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