Users want to be able to repeat sections of Fluent journal files in loops

Users have expressed their desire to be able to automate runs by using journal files in which
entire sections of many commands are repeating, in "loops".

The simple Scheme function below allows the user to repeat a certain group of
TUI Fluent journal commands groupped in a string for a specified number of times.

;; This is a Scheme functionality which
;; allow the user to repeat a text command
;; group of text user interface commands
;; for a specified number of times
;; Usage
;; 1) Load the Scheme into Fluent session through
;; File>Read>Scheme or through (load "loop1.scm")
;; 2) Example of using the functionality:
;; (loop-command "/di/cont/press ,, /di/hc "im%n.tiff" /so/dti 5 20" 111)
;; This will repeat for 111 times the Fluent journal sequence
;; /di/cont/press ,,
;; /di/hc "im%n.tiff"
;; /so/dti 5 20
(define loop-command
(lambda (this-command-string so-many-times)
(let loop ((i 0))
(if (< i so-many-times)
(ti-menu-load-string this-command-string)
(loop (+ i 1)))))))

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