POLYFLOW - 'qa' cannot be executed (for checking UDF)

A typical error message issued when invoking the executable 'qa' (for checking udf):
/usr/local/Fluent.Inc/release/polyflow3.11.0/lnx86/bin/qa: error while loading shared libraries: ibcxa.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Another possibility consists of the following procedure. Before running qa, the user should enter the following commands:
setenv POLYFLOW <path_to_polyflow>
where <path_to_polyflow> is the full pathname leading to the execuatble. To know this full pathname, the user can invoke e.g. POLYDATA. The wrapper will display a long pathname, the <path_to_polyflow> is that long pathname from which the ending /bin/polydata has been removed. In the above case (problem description), <path_to_polyflow> would then be /usr/local/Fluent.Inc/release/polyflow3.11.0/lnx86There are at least two easy remedies..
2. Invoke polyflow -4 -I

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