Make Gambit journal generic for parametric geometry creation

If you want to create a parametric journal file where the geometric location of vertices, faces or volumes will change from one case to another, GAMBIT might choose to change the numbering of entities which in turn can make the journal file fail.

An example would be as simple as slightly changing the coordinates of a vertex from one case to another. Although this move might not affect the topology of the overall model, the numbering of the entities (vertices, faces and or volumes) created subsequently might change. This is due to the fact that GAMBIT considers the location of ACIS entities when new entities are created by ACIS operation.

The change in numbering is due to label change minimization which takes the geometric location of ACIS entities into account when new entitites are being created by an ACIS operation. In fact, if the users modifies the location of a vertex, the geometric differences introduced by specifying a different coordinate for the vertex cause a different labeling.

The workaround is to turn off label change minimization in the default panel:
GEOMETRY.GENERAL.REAL_LABEL_CHANGE_MINIMIZATION default. The user will need to set this default before creating the journal file.


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