Finding node numbers in GAMBIT for FIDAP simulations

In my FIDAP model I make reference to particular nodes in the mesh. The actual number comes from the neutral file via GAMBIT. When I increase/decrease the mesh density or change the location of the intial guess for my free surface, the node number changes. This means I always have to remember to go back to the FIDAP file and update the node number change. Is there a way in GAMBIT to assign a node number to nodes of interest? Once assigned these node number would remain invariant to changes in the mesh density, and hence, my FIDAP file would not have to be changed with each mesh change.
The node numbers in GAMBIT are the same in FIDAP.

Here is the procedure to find that node number in GAMBIT:

MESH -> FACE -> Summarize (i) -> Select the face -> Click Node Labels -> Change Picker to ALL

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