New argument added in the turbulent conductivity macro C_K_T for 6.1

Fluent6.0 turbulent conductivity macro used 2 arguments : C_K_T(c,t)
Fluent6.1 turbulent condcutivity macro uses 3 arguments : C_K_T(c,t,prt)

How to define this new argument to obtain the same thing in 6.1 than in 6.0 ?
Some changes in the turbulent Prandtl number definition have been done between fluent 6.0 and 6.1
With fluent 6.1, you can now define k-epsilon and k-omega model constants by UDF macro (DEFINE_PRANDTL) : TKE prandtl number, TDR prandtl number, Energy prandtl number and Wall prandtl number
In 6.1 version, the turbulent conductivity could be define as a fonction of the prandtl number (= "Energy prandtl number") defined by udf. It's the reason why a new argument has been added in the C_K_T macro.

To obtain in fluent 6.1 the same turbulent conductivity formulation than in 6.0 (with a constant "Energy prandtl number"), you must define your turbulent conductivity with the "M_keprt" fluent variable.
C_K_T(c,t) in 6.0 becomes C_K_T(c,t,M_keprt) in 6.1.

In k-epsilon and k-omega model, M_keprt default constant value is 0.85 ...

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