How to copy multiple injections

FLUENT6 users may want to copy the DPM injections defined at one surface to another. The GUI allows for injections to be copied one at a time.
Obviously, this can be very tedious when you have a large set of injections defined. The following scheme file can be used to copy multiple injections
all at once.
(for 'n' injections, the injection-0 will be copied to injection-n+1 and so on...)
(define imax n)

(do ((i 0 (+ i 1)))
((= i imax))
(display i)
(display "n")
(cx-gui-do cx-activate-item "MenuBar*DefineMenu*Injections...")
(cx-gui-do cx-set-list-selections "Injections*Frame1*List1(Injections)" (list (- imax 1)))
(cx-gui-do cx-activate-item "Injections*Frame1*List1(Injections)")
(cx-gui-do cx-activate-item "Injections*ButtonBox2*PushButton2(Copy)")
(cx-gui-do cx-activate-item "Set Injection Properties*PanelButtons*PushButton1(OK)")
(cx-gui-do cx-activate-item "Injections*PanelButtons*PushButton1(Cancel)")

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