To display unsolved UDS on wall or symmetry

A client is solving for voltage and power dissipation in a glass furnace. He wants to display the power dissipation on a wall. He is solving for one
UDS (voltage) and then storing the energy source term in the other UDS (unsolved). When he ran the case, he found that the unsolved UDS
results were not visible on any wall or symmetry plane without passing through the solver at least once. The other solved UDS results were
visible on the wall.
When an user doesn't want the UDS to be solved, then it is advisable to store the quantity in a UDM rather than an UDS. UDM's are applied on the boundaries as well which can be viewed and calculated at the boundaries. So, once the UDS is changed to UDM for the unsolved quantity, then it can be displayed on the boundaries without
going through the solver.

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