Adding a new object (impeller) to an existing model

After having created a model, I would like to modify the "User Object Directory" setting in order to add a new object using a brand new object definition (.mxo) file.
But after a model has been created or loaded, I'm not allowed to change the "User Object Directory" setting (although MixSim might not prevent me from doing so -- cf. CR 26805).
I save the model, load it in a new session *after* having set the "User Object Directory" correctly, but still I cannot add the impeller.
What am I doing wrong??

A.: MixSim scans the User Object Directory only ONCE, exactly at the time when a new model is created or an existing model is loaded. Later changes to the "User Object Directory" setting are worthless (may in fact even to harm), and changing this in the code is very difficult -- currently not regarded worth the effort. (Dangerous change in the code structure, may have lots of ramifications, i.e. cause lots of new bugs.)

B.: The list(s) of buttons that appear under "ADD Object:" in the Model Management for a particular object are generated at the time when that object is added to the model. These button lists are saved in the model file and loaded from there..! That means that only those impellers can be added to an existing shaft that were known to MixSim (available in the User and Standard Object Library directories) at the time when the shaft was added.

So, what can I do to add a new impeller to an existing model without loosing more information than necessary?

Proceed as follows:

1.: Go to the shaft to which you want to add a new impeller (but cannot see the corresponding button under "Add Object:").

2.: Click "As Defaults", and confirm the following question dialog panel.

3.: Do the same for all children (impellers) of that shaft.

4.: Delete the shaft (and thus all its childrean).

5.: Save the defaults that are currently in memory (can be checked using "Edit -- Remove Defaults") to a file ("File -- Write -- Defaults").

6.: Save the model to a NEW file name.

7.: Exit MixSim, and launch a new instance.

8.: Load the defaults file which you've just saved ("File -- Read -- Defaults")

9.: Check/Set the "User Object Directory" setting ("Edit -- Set User Object Directory") so that it points to a directory where MixSim can find the new impeller object definition (.mxo) file.

10.: Load the model which you've just saved (i.e. without the shaft).

11.: Add the shaft again. Its parameters should automatically be set to the values you used before because of the "defaults" which you saved and thus transferred from the old MixSim session to the new one.

12.: Now add all the impellers to the shaft, including the new one!

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