computing the percentage of area of a surface above or below some specified value

client is interested to calculate the percent area of a surface (usually a flat cross-section of a model) that has a value at or above (or at or below) a given value. For example, to look at flow distribution into a burner, on the cross-section of the duct upstream of the burner, he/she would like to know the percentage of the flow area that has a velocity 25% above the average duct velocity.
Following procedure can be used:

1. Calculate the area of the actual surface (e.g. surface-1) using Report-->Surface Integral-->Area

2. Use Surface---> Iso Clip option to clip the surface-1 based on the
desired range of the values. Select appropriate minimum and maximum values
of the variables ( e.g., velocity, temp etc) and clip the New-Surface.

3. Compute the area of the New-surface

which should give the percentage of area having some desired values.

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