How to create a helical edge in GAMBIT?

> Would you describe a general strategy for constructing and meshing a 3-d helical rod (like a spring) in Gambit?

Create a vertex
Create a face for helical tube (say inlet)

Geometry->Edge->Revolve (first button on 3rd row in GUI)

Enter vertex to rotate
Angle (say 360 *3 = 1080)
Height of the spring

and apply

You can then create a circle using FACE option and then create a volume using Sweep Face with Perpendicular option along the helical edge.

Here is a jou file:

vertex create coordinates 0 0 0
vertex move "vertex.1" offset 1 1 0
edge create revolve "vertex.1" height 3 angle 1080 vector 0 0 1 origin 0 0 0
face create radius 0.2 zxplane circle
face move "face.1" offset 2 0 0
edge delete "edge.1" lowertopology
vertex create coordinates 2 0 0
edge create revolve "vertex.4" height 5 angle 1024 vector 0 0 1 origin 0 0 0
volume create rotate "face.1" onedge "edge.3" draft 0 extended
window modify shade

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