FLUENT 6 - A Workaround for Creating Non-Conformal Interfaces

There are times when the creation of grid interfaces (non-conformal) will fail. There are a couple easy workarounds (see other Solutions). If everything else fails, try this one.
If everything else fails, try to project the nodes of one interface (smaller one) into the bigger one. This can be done in TGrid.

1. Write BC file (/file/write-bc bc_file_name)
2. Read case in TGrid
3. Using TUI command to project:

/boundary/project-face-zone small_interface_zone target_interface_zone normal

small_interface_zone: is the name of the small interface
target_interface_zone: is the name of the interface to which the nodes of small_interface_zone will be projected.
normal: will project in normal direction

4. write new mesh
5. read new mesh in fluent
6. Read BC file: /file/read-bc bc_file_name
7. Create grid interface.

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