How to extract results from a previous simulation and use them as BCs?

Question: Fluent simulation of a system of components was performed.
How do I extract the results on certain interior zones and apply
them as BCs for the subsequent analysis of an individual component?
Mesh size of the 2 CFD problems is different-is that an issue?

Answer: Use "Profiles" feature in fluent. No problem if the meshes are different (fluent will automatically interpolate).

As an illustration of the above problem, see attached images "all.gif"and "single.gif":
"all.gif" (see <a target=_blank href=""></a> ) shows 3 pipes (~ a system),
"single.gif" (see <a target=_blank href=""></a> ) shows a single pipe in the middle (~ a component);
It is desired to extract solution at zone A from the 3-pipe-system analysis and apply those values as BCs for the analysis of the pipe-2 only.

Step-by-Step Method:
1. read the "all system" case & data file into Fluent
2. select File>Write>Profile...>Define New Profiles;
select desired zone(s) under Surfaces: for example, zone "A";
select desired field variables under Values: for example, velocity magnitude.
click on Write, specify a name for the .prof file.
3. read "single component" case & data file into Fluent
4. select File>Read>Profile... select the desired .prof file
5. apply the profile as boundary condition: for example, click on Define>BC
select zone A, click on Set, under Velocity Magnitude select
velocity-magnitude profile
6. initialize, and iterate as usual.

Attached "all-A_velocity.gif" (see <a target=_blank href=""></a> ) and
"single-A_velocity.gif" (see <a target=_blank href=""></a> ) illustrate that the Profile feature is grid independent.

For additional information consult Fluent documentation 6.26 on Profiles, and 3.14 on Grid Interpolation.

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