Sat file (exported from the same gambit session) is giving FATAL exception during IMPORT.

There are some volumes in the present database that are not getting deleted. Invoking a delete command for the volumes under group "JUNK" gives a FATAL exception. ALL the volumes are real.

Therefore , workaround was tried. We tried to export the volumes from the Gambit session and tried re-importing the volumes.

We tried

-healing option
-without healing option

Both the options gave "FATAL EXCEPTION" during the ACIS IMPORT.

The database and the sat files are kept in BUGS area.


test.dbs.gz (2019331)
test.sat.gz (1368614) => Exported from the above dbs in acis8.0 version.
The following workaround was found to be of use.

woraround -1
-Export the volumes in STEP format and re-import them in STEP format. Later on healing option can be tried.

-Set boolean method (for volumes) to 0 (old method ).

default set "GEOMETRY.VOLUME.BOOLEAN_METHOD" numeric 1 (default value)

Creat a brick far away from the current geometrical entities. Subtract the volumes (which at present are not getting deleted) from the brick one by one. This way the volumes (real) which are not getting deleted will get deleted.

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