Batch run on MS DOS

Command to run Fluent in batch mode at a particular time on a windows machine
Following command can be used to run Fluent in batch mode in a Windows machine:
fluent 3d -i batch.jou -hidden &

File batch.jou contains all the commands for reading case file, and running it.
There is no option of getting a output file, in order to have a output file a transcript file should be started and then stopped before exiting the Fluent session. 3d can be replaced by 2d.

In order to run a fluent job at a desired time, then the above command should be saved in a file, with
extension .bat, let say file fluenta.bat and use Schedule Tasks option. This can be accessed throuh, Click on the Start icon, choose Programs-->Accessories-->System Tools--> Scheduled Tasks. From here there is a wizard that will allow you to start this job in the background at a given time.

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