How to put different titles in plots in FIPOST?

I would like to put more descriptive titles in plots printed from FIPOST. How can I do that?
To print different titles on the plots, please issue the following commands in FIPOST (you can do the same in GUI as well):

This is first plot

This is streamline plot

/this will reset the title to Master title given in FIPREP. If nothing is given, it may take either blank or the name of the idenfier.

You can be even more creative and make the tiles based on parameters (from our introductory lecture):

Define key parameters for the simulation, like inlet radius, mean inlet mass-flow, reference temperature, etc.
$mflow = 0.1 (Inlet massflow in kg/sec)
$r1 = 15 (Inlet radius in mm)
$tinf = 100 (Inlet temperature in F)

Create a title that includes key information
$head ="Die #698"
$mtitle ="mflow = " + NTOS($mflow) + "kg/s, "
$rtitle = "radius = " + NTOS($r1) + "mm, "
$ttitle = "temp. = " + NTOS($tinf) + " F "
($head + $mtitle + $rtitle + $ttitle)

It wiill print the following title on the plot:
Die #698 mflow= 0.1 kg/s, radius=15 mm, temp=100 F

This could be really handy to keep track of parametric study. You don't have to write specifics on the back of the plot.

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