Retriangulation of interior zone

There might be instances when interior surface in TGRID isn't retriangulated when prisms are grown from an adjacent surface to it. Please find a gif file(pipe.gif) at following link which explains the above said situation

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When 2 prism layers are grown from the surfaces "wall.5" and "wall.6" with 0.05 as first height, as expected interior surface "interior.3 " isn't retriangulated. Instead a duplicate face is created.
In order to avoid the above, please follow the steps:

1)Read a test case file similar to the picture shown in gif file, say, "pipe.msh.gz" into Tgrid.

2)Convert "interior.3 " to internal surface through Boundary--->Zones--->select "interior.3 " under Face Zones--->select "internal "under Type--->Apply

3)Save the mesh say "pipe_internal.msh.gz"

4)Read "pipe_internal.msh.gz" into new Tgrid session.

5)Create 2 prism layers from "wall.5" and "wall.6" with 0.05 as first height through Mesh--->Prisms.

6)As seen from Display-->Grid, "interior.3 " is retriangulated.

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