Tips on using "create planar tolerant face" in Gambit 2.2

Sometimes you will create a REAL tolerant face that looks fine after shading, and passes the geometry and topology checks; but upon meshing, the surface mesh will show undesired kinks and dimples. The face will look distorted.
In that case, proceed as follows:

1. Turn off Edit/Default/Mesh/Face/PROJECT_TO_SURFACE (default value is 1. Make it 0)

If you are using a mapped mesh, in addition to (1), you have to,

2. Turn off Edit/Default/Mesh/Map/FACE_PROJECT_TO_SURFACE (if you are using a mapped mesh)- default value is 1. Make it 0

3. Also, Keep the mesh size larger than the tolerance i.e., you should keep the mesh size larger than the tolerant value with which the face is created.

You can view the "tolerant face" before (perfect) and after (distort) meshing by clicking on the following links,

<a target=_blank href=""></a>

<a target=_blank href=""></a>

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