0: ERROR: Invalid shadow-node id 0; node = 28282, face = 87143, index = 0.

Above error(node and face numbers in the error are case specific) is encountered in parallel version of Fluent when grid check is performed while there is no problem in serial version. Nevertheless the error the case could be iterated but this time grid/check would give the same message but with different node and face numbers. This is due to deactivating some of the fluid zones in serial version. Presently, the feature activation and deactivation is not available in parallel version of Fluent. So, a case read in parallel which has been saved in serial version with some of the fluids zones deactivated, would result in the above error.
A possible workaround is as follows:

1)Delete deactivated zones in serial version before running the case in parallel. Please note that it is required to activate( Grid--->Zone--->Activate) the zones before deleting them(Grid--->Zone--->Delete). Save the data file after running the case in parallel.

2)If the deactivated zones are not required for further analysis, then step 1 would serve the purpose. In case, the zones are required for further simulation, then

a) Activate all the cells in original case in serial version and save the case.

b)Read the above saved case in parallel with data saved in step 1 and continue the simulation.

Another crude workaround is to just activate all zones in serial and run the simulation on all zones in parallel.

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