Can I read in Fluent v 6.3 case files in Fluent 6.2?

When you created a case file with Version 6.3, and then read it into version 6.2 on a different computer. You get the following error messages every time you write or read in the case file:

Error: Set_Thread_Vairables: wta(real)

Error Object: ((constant . 1) (profile "" ""))

Which evidently doesn't like what is stored in the version 6.3 file for a couple of zones.

While there is a backward compatibility between Fluent versions, there can be problems while you are reading in a case created in a more recent version on an older version of Fluent. This might be basically because of the code changes and also additional models added to newer versions. In your case if you find the results are reasonable, you can ignore the errors. For this you might physically inspect the flow field or any particular monitor that you feel is critical to the solution.

It is suggested to write the case again with Fluent 6.2., close the Fluent session. Restart and read in the file. This might help in avoiding the error messages.

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