How to resent iteration counter and residual scaling values

For external aero simulations involving both low and high speed
regions, it is often the practice to start the simulation using
the segregated solver and obtain second-order convergence before
switching to the coupled solver to get an added accuracy at the
shocks(if any). However, switching solvers (either way) will
throw off the residual scaling and the residuals after the switch
can look deceivingly very good (low) or very bad (high).

Though this has no bearing on the solution, this often raises
question by the users.

To reset the residual values and use the correct scaling corresponding
to the solver chosen, do the following:

- Open the residual monitor panel
- Reset the Storage Iteration to 0 (default is 1000)
- Click on the Plot button
- Reset the Storage Iteration back to default (or any value desired)
- Continue on iteration

The iteration counter will be reset to 1 and proper residual scaling
will be applied from hereon forward. The solution is not modified in
any case.

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