Mesh color in Gambit

Due to postprocessing reasons such a printing, one migt want to change the default background and mesh colors.
This can be simply done by changing defaults in Edit/Defaults/Geometry.. or Edit/Defaults/Mesh..
However in some cases, the mesh appears white and it is not possible to change its color in the Edit/Defaults... panel.
The problem happens when there are one or more groups defined in the geometry. The solution is the follwoing:
1) Hide the mesh going to 'Specify Display Attributes' panel , selecting 'Mesh Off' and clicking 'Apply'.
2) In the second step, go to the 'Group' menu, hit the 'Specify Color' button, select the groups for which the color change should be applied and then to modify the mesh color by highlighting the Mesh button and cling on the selected color band.
3) Finally, go back to 'Specify Display Attributes' and make the mesh visible by selecting 'Mesh On' and 'Apply'.

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