How to resolve warning message saying the turbulent viscosity limited to viscosity ratio?

The message you are seeing is more a warning than an error. It stipulates that the ratio of turbulent viscosity over the laminar viscosity is large than 1e5.

While this is not an error per-say, it is usually non-physical to have such a high ratio (note that this ratio limit is defined in Solve-> Controls -> Limits).

This ratio becomes very high in region of high turbulence, where the grid is (in most cases) too coarse.

In many case, this message occurs at the beginning of a simulation and will disappear as the simulation converges.

If it doesn┬┐t then the first step would be to refine the grid in the regions where this limit is reached (this ratio can be plotted using Display -> Contours).

You can either re-create (and refine) the grid in its entirety or you can adapt the grid "on the fly" using a grid adaptation based on the value of this ratio.

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