Fluent / Tgrid / MixSim graphics slow and/or flickering -- opengl / glx driver

This was found on Linux (fluent_arch1.0 reports "lnx86"), but may be applicable to other platforms as well.
This is applicable to, amongst others, FLUENT 6.1 and Tgrid 3.6.
It is NOT applicable to MixSim 2.0
It MAY (in future) also be applicable to FLUENT 6.2, Tgrid 3.7, and MixSim 2.1.

On many fully installed (especially Linux/UNIX) systems, the above mentioned applications use the OpenGL (Linux: GLX) graphics driver. (This can be checked using the menu item "Display -- Options: Info".)

But manipulating (e.g. rotating) the graphics appears slow and/or heavily flickering, even if the option checkbox "Double Buffering" in the "Display -- Options" panel has been enabled (checked) and confirmed with "Apply".
In this case, please set the environment variable "HOOPS_DRIVER_OPTIONS" to the text value "double-buffering" before launching FLUENT / Tgrid. Now the above mentioned options checkbox "Double Buffering" in the "Display -- Options" panel should have effect -- the graphics should not flicker any more during manipulation, and the manipulation MAY even be faster.

(To set the environment variable on Linux/UNIX, use one of the following commands, depending on your shell:
export HOOPS_DRIVER_OPTIONS=double-buffering
setenv HOOPS_DRIVER_OPTIONS double-buffering
To find out which is your shell, try the "ps" or "finger $USER" command.
To learn how to set the environment variable on your MS-Windows system, please check the Windows on-line help.)

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