Can I restart the job if it is interrupted due to power failure or some other unexpected event?

The FiDAP job was interrupted before completion. Is it possible to restart the simulation from where it left off?

Yes, FIDAP automatically backs up the results in the FISOLV.#### scratch
directory to ident.FDPOST in the working directory every 7200 CPU seconds.
As long as the interruption did not occur during the update, ident.FDPOST
is a valid file for post-processing and restarting. For very long jobs, we
recommend making a back-up of ident.FDPOST at least once a day.

Follow these steps to restart the run from the last update:

- make copies of ident.FDBASE and ident.FDPOST (this is a precautionary measure)
- verify that ident.FDPOST can be post-processed
- perform an EXECUTION restart as described in Chapter 12.6 of the Tutorial manual

Please note that DT must be set equal to zero in the TIMEINTEGRATION command if
the problem is transient. This tells the solver to read the value of DT from the
restart file and gives a smooth restart of the simulation.

Also the FISOLV.#### scratch directory and ident.FDIDEN file can be deleted if
they are not automatically removed after a crash.

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