automate post processing

It is required many times to create a series of iso-surfaces, postprocess some variables
on these iso-surfaces and write the data into a file for further use.

Following scheme file can be used for the purpose.
;scheme file to automate the postprocessing
;The scheme file will create iso surfaces based on x cordinate and will
;report total temperature, total pressure, mach number and custom field
;function (which is equal to axial velocity * density) and writes the
;data into a file

(define extract_value
(lambda (str)
(set! str (with-output-to-string (lambda ()
(ti-menu-load-string str)
(let ((lis)(len)(value ()))
(set! lis (reverse (string->list str)))
(set! len (length lis))
(do (
(i 1 (+ i 1))
((char=? (list-ref lis i) #space))
(set! value (append value (list (list-ref lis i))))
(set! value (string->number (list->string (reverse value))))
(+ 0 value)
; the above section is only to extract the information from a string. In general, there
; is no need to modify this section.

(define total_press)
(define total_temp)
(define mach)
(define custom)
; output file where data will be written
(define outputport (open-output-file "result.dat"))
(format outputport "~a " "(x-cord total_pressure total_temperature mach_number density*axial_vel)" )
(newline outputport)

(newline outputport)
(newline outputport)

(i 1 (+ i 1))
; the number 10 shows that the loop will be executed 10 times
(> i 10)

(define new_value)
; new value is the iso value of some variable, currently it is 0.1, 0.2 ,0.3 ....etc upto 1
; change this value accordingly
(set! new_value (/ i 10))
(define str)
; create iso surface for a given iso value which is given by variable new_value, eg., in following section
; iso-surface based on x cordinate are created.

(ti-menu-load-string (format #f "surface iso-surface x-coordinate x=~d , ~d , " new_value new_value ))

; following section will report the mass weighted average of different variables on newly
; created surfacese based on iso value of x coordinate and will give the output to variable "str".
(set! str (string-append "rep surface-mass-avg " (string-append "x=" (number->string new_value ) ) " , total-pressure"))
; extract the value from variable str
(set! total_press (extract_value str ) )

(set! str (string-append "rep surface-mass-avg " (string-append "x=" (number->string new_value ) ) " , total-temperature"))
(set! total_temp (extract_value str ) )

(set! str (string-append "rep surface-mass-avg " (string-append "x=" (number->string new_value ) ) " , mach-number"))
(set! mach (extract_value str ) )

(set! str (string-append "rep surface-mass-avg " (string-append "x=" (number->string new_value ) ) " , custom-1"))
(set! custom (extract_value str ) )

(format outputport "~a ~a ~a ~a ~a" new_value total_press total_temp mach custom )
(newline outputport)


(close-output-port outputport)

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